Our mission is simple. We help advance conservation efforts by providing professional canine scent detection services and education programs for researchers, public/private corporations, schools/universities, and public health agencies.

Meet the Dogs

Our four-legged team members are scent work professionals. They take their jobs seriously and find joy in a job well done. Paired with our professional handlers, these dogs are nearly unstoppable in their ability to sniff out flora and fauna.

Why Dogs?

For years scientists have tried to replicate the power and efficiency of the canine nose. The results keep coming back the same: The canine nose is second to none.

Our Projects

The MCDI canines are experts in scent detection for environmental science and conservation efforts and can learn any detectable scent, making them a critical asset in today's society.

MCDI Pollinator Program

Everyone on the planet depends on pollinators to survive…That’s why we feel it’s our responsibility and honor to deploy our incredible working dogs to help save honey bees.

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Sniffers for Scholars

We offer masters and doctorate-level students a highly unique, innovative and earth-friendly tool to conduct environmental research—Professional canine scent detection services.


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