4 Ways to Support MCDI Without Spending a Dime

As a nonprofit, we must admit that it’s difficult to muster up the gumption to constantly ask for support. But it’s necessary. Our work is not possible without your hearts, funds and belief in our mission! Seriously, not possible.

We are also very aware that there are lots of important causes to give funds to. That’s why we’re so incredibly grateful for those that make financial contributions to our organization! We’re honored that you join us in making a positive impact for conservation, education and innovation.

That said, we know it’s not always possible to give monetarily. So, we wanted to highlight four ways that you can impact our organization without having to spend any money:

GIVE US SOME SOCIAL LOVE - Did you know that social media platforms contain algorithms that can either hinder or help posts reach the masses? Your time commenting on, tagging people in and sharing our posts/events on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn help us reach more people! Simply liking or loving does not help. So, if you don’t follow us, please do. Then, take a moment to comment, tag people you know and share our posts and events.

DONATE ITEMS OR EXPERIENCES - We have events, like our upcoming Giving Tuesday Online Auction, that we could use some incredible donated items for! Perhaps you have season tickets to a sports game. Or maybe you work for a great company that can donate items to our organization (like field equipment for our handler teams). We’d love if you could think of us when donating.

VISIT US IN PERSON - We attend lots of events throughout the year and we LOVE seeing you there. The really great thing is that so many of these events are family friendly! You could invite friends, have something fun to do together and bring more awareness to the cause. Here are some events we’ve participated in the past year that we’d love to see you at next year:

SHARE OUR MISSION - There are so many ways to share our mission with those you encounter daily. We’d be honored if you’d do any and/or all of these when sharing our mission!

  • Sport Our Gear: Have an MCDI t-shirt, pin or other awesome item? Wear them proudly and often to let people know who we are!

  • Tell Your Kid’s Teachers: We have an incredible education program in which we go into the schools (and at no cost to the schools right now due to an amazing grant we received) and perform a demonstration with the MCDI scent detection team. Let your schools know so they can apply for one of the last spots!

  • Get Your Employer Involved: Lots of incredible companies have a corporate giving plan. If your company supports conservation, please tell them about MCDI. We’d be so grateful if your company would be a corporate match donor or a partner in another way… Just let us know!

  • Start a Fundraiser: In this day and age, starting a fundraiser for a cause that’s important to you and asking your friends to participate is SO EASY! We would be thrilled to be on the receiving end of the ask you make to your community.

These are just four ways to help Midwest Conservation Dogs without spending a dime. When it comes down to it, however, it does take an investment. Your precious time. One of the MOST VALUABLE resources. We value and respect your time greatly! Which is why our hearts would be paw-fectly full if you could share our organization and this blog with those you know. Let’s make a difference, together!


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