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When contemplating National Business Women’s Week and the emboldened women who have come before us, I realized that perhaps I don’t prescribe to feminism because of how far we have come; allowing choices and rights that allow women to accomplish just about anything they set their minds to.

For the time we are living in and the opportunities we currently have, I am deeply grateful. Not only grateful for the hardships and sacrifices of the pioneering business women, but also of those around me here and now. I’m fortunate to have been raised in a time where it’s ok for a girl to be a tomboy, to be athletic, to go against the grain… I know firsthand because I’ve done and continue to do those things.

We live in a day and age in which women and girls are encouraged to take risks, to have a voice, to dream big and to conquer the world… I know firsthand because I’m continuing to be an artist, a designer, a dog behaviorist, a canine handler, an entrepreneur, a guardian to my dogs, and a wife. Living my dreams! None of this would be possible without the trailblazers who forged the path before us! And with each coming year, we have more to be thankful for.

So as we end this week’s celebration, I wanted to focus on gratitude.

  • To those business women who fought so hard at the beginning - Like Mary Katherine Goddard, the first woman to own a business in America in 1789. THANK YOU!

  • To those women who stepped up to the plate, entering the workforce during some dark times in our country. THANK YOU!

  • To the women and girls out there who are dreaming, driving their way through to their goals, THANK YOU!

  • To the woman who raised and encouraged me to be a free thinking, sometimes outspoken, against-the-grain gal (just like she is). THANK YOU, MOM!

  • To the women in business that I call my colleagues and partners in crime, THANK YOU!

Thank you to the incredible business women reading these words right now. Thank you for showing up and doing the hard work you do every single day. The more we accomplish by jumping into action, the more we inspire positive change. And, as I know, sometimes the biggest battle is putting yourself out there.

Who are some B.A. ladies you’re thankful for? We want to see them, so please tag ‘em!


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