Tracie knows together-ness should be front and center

I’m honored and completely blessed to work with a team of incredible women at MCDI. Not only our staff, but the board members and volunteers as well. This partnership and commitment is a true definition, not only of team, but also of passion, friendship, integrity and a building of something greater than the organization itself. Of one another. Of a healthier planet. A complete bettering.

I can say these things firsthand, not only because I’m a part of the team, but because of my work outside of MCDI. Having been in the marketing and PR world for more than 18 years, I started my first business last year. To be honest, it’s something I had never thought of doing for myself… Just never imagined it. Until Laura, MCDI’s executive director with whom I was working with on a website for my employer at the time, asked me these questions, “Do you freelance? Do you have time to work on more projects together?”

Weeks later, Front and Center Creative was born and shortly after that I was invited to become a part of the MCDI team, which also meant I’d be working with Amy Wagnitz, our director of programs (and also as a teammate at Front and Center). Since then I’ve learned so much more than I thought possible in a year’s time. So much of my learning and journey in entrepreneurship has come from this team of women… Incredible leadership, transparency and most of all, investment in the growth and encouragement of one another.

To me, this is the foundation of National Business Women’s Week. Celebrating our impact and contributions for the greater good. Building one another up. Challenging those around us to step into greater power. Each of these actions makes a ripple effect in the sea of change. Look what’s happened in just this storyline in one year:

  • We’ve got a stronger team to help conservation efforts through our MCDI mission - Launched 3 new programs, received a $10K United Way grant, worked on many new fieldwork projects and created NUMEROUS new relationships that will aid in more growth in the coming years!

  • I’m able to serve more marketing clients in a way that rings closer to my core values… Because it’s my own company. Something I would never have started without encouragement.

  • My children get to see that in this day and age, anything is possible (both of them have their own business ideas cooking already).

  • We’ve forged deeper, stronger friendships. The ones that make you feel invincible.

Happy National Business Women’s Week everyone. Go forth and kicketh some ass… We’ve still got work to do and we can do it TOGETHER!


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